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Secured and Hidden Fillings

Replace your old, silver fillings with modern and sleek white bonded fillings. Silver fillings were invented in the 1840s for a different generation - today, you can opt for technologically advanced solutions to tooth cavities. New Era Dental provides white fillings to Massachusetts-area clients in a friendly environment.

Benefits to White Fillings

White fillings have several health and personal benefits. Please review them below and then consult with our dentists to schedule your appointment.

Less Tooth Removal

The traditional silver amalgam fillings have to be drilled at least two millimeters deep, weakening the surrounding tooth. Today’s modern white fillings are instead securely bonded to the tooth rather than undermining the actual tooth.

More Comfortable

Yes, you can eat ice cream again! White fillings do not conduct cold or heat like silver fillings. You won’t suffer from sensitivity or tingling with white bonded fillings.

Smile with Confidence

White fillings were designed to blend in with your teeth rather than standing out like shiny silver fillings.

Contact Our Specialists

White fillings are the best option to strengthen weak teeth, yet you should still contact our trained dentists to learn more about this revolutionary dental technique and to schedule an appointment.