New Era Dental

Repairs and Implants

New Era Dental provides several advanced repair and implant services to Boston-area residents. Our revolutionary facility serves as a garden of healthy and beautiful smiles without the complexity or fear.


Fillings »

Strengthen cavities and weak teeth with new white bonded fillings that are comfortable, structurally sound, and hidden. Learn More »

Invisalign »

As opposed to conventional braces, Invisalign® are custom molded aligners created by a computer generated rendering to precisely adjust your teeth for a healthy smile. Learn More »

Lumineers »

Lumineers® are a breakthrough advancement in creating clean, white smiles that are perfectly aligned using a patent porcelain similar to contact lens. Learn More »

Dental Implants »

If you need to replace missing teeth, dental implants provide a more permanent solution to dental bridges or dentures. Learn More »